A-Z Guide To Clockenflap 2013

A-Z Guide To Clockenflap 2013

Hong Kong's largest music and arts festival is back again and it promises to be even better this year. With the iconic Harbour as its backdrop and less stringent noise regulations to stop the party, Clockenflap has found a home-sweet-home in the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.


Other than the music, there's a variety of alternative entertainment options that include art, DIY crafts, bouncy castle, workshops, dance, and film. Don't miss out on the highlights of this year's festival by utilizing our behind-the-scenes A-Z guide to Clockenflap 2013. Seriously, you don't want to run the risk of being left in the dark.



Note: Two Door Cinema Club will not be able to make it to this year's Clockenflap, due to illness. Get well soon Alex!


See our photos from Clockenflap 2013 here!




Art village

Wander around 10,000 square meters of space filled with art works by local and international artists. There'll be multi-media exhibitions and large format installations to keep you interested (and busy!) for hours.
Opening times: (Sat & Sun) 12 – 10pm




Bearded Lady Side Show/Cabaret

If you're looking for the glamorously bizarre, stop by the Bearded Lady Side Show. This brand new addition promises to house weirdly cool performances by eccentric individuals within its very own cabaret tent. From singing, burlesque, dancing, and yoga, the next act is always bound to be an even quirkier affair than the last. Enjoy what the Bearded Lady throws at you, while sipping and nipping on refreshments from the Hendrick's Cocktail Bar atop of giant cushions that any hipster would love to instagram.




Cash & Coupons

Bring plenty of cash – there are no ATMs on-site and they do not take credit cards or Octopus cards. The nearest ATMs are at Kowloon Station MTR and Elements Mall. We suggest stocking up on coupons as soon as you get in through the entrance – they'll be the only "currency" allowed inside the festival. Having a stockpile that will last you for the 3-day weekend will also save you time and stress from queuing up to buy more every few hours.





Want to see the cutest and most adorable dinosaurs? The Clockenflap team have miraculously saved three dinosaurs from extinction by keeping them in a secret hibernation for the past sixty-five million years. And now, after an intense period of thawing and caregiving, they're bringing the dinosaurs to the public eye, via the Dinosaur Enclosure. Look out for Terrydactyl, Debby, and William in the enclosure located next to the Bearded Lady Side Show tent.




Eco-friendly weekend

A huge festival is bound to create a lot of waste. Be mindful of the environment and recycle your plastic rubbish as much as you can. All the plastics used during the festival are biodegradable, so there's not much of an excuse to not recycle. Lookout for the three recycling areas and be sure to use them!


And if you're going the extra mile by trying to be budget-friendly as well, take advantage of the numerous free water machines located all over the festival site. Bring your own water bottle (BYOWB) and stay hydrated without even touching the bank.




Film Tent

The film tent features content from international film festivals and offers a different side to the festival. Whether you're looking for some quiet "me" time apart from the bustling crowds or seeking a unique cinematic experience, you'll appreciate the quirky range offered here.
Opening times: (Sat & Sun) 12 – 10pm


But the cinematic experience isn't just contained to the film tent. A special screening of Hitchcock's Blackmail (1929) will be screened onstage at the Reply Stage (Sun, 6:45 – 8:15pm). Film buffs won't want to miss out on this event, which features live piano music by Stephen Horne, one of the world's leading silent film accompanists.


Food Stalls

With more than 23 vendors and 26 outlets, we're getting dizzy just thinking about all the food up for grabs. There will be an abundance of baked goods (Ali Oli, Saffron), local organic options (Locofoma), Mexican (Little Burro, Brickhouse), Thai (Koh Thai), ice pops (Lola's Ice Pops), meaty dishes (85 South, Beef & Liberty, Butcher's Club, Flying Brats) and more (Beautifood, Delicious, Mr. Bing, Moveable Feast, Noodle Mi, Piri Piri, Prizza Express, Pyjama's Balls & Momos, Waffleman)!


Enjoy a lazy weekend pigging out on a wide range of choices catering to a wide range of taste buds and wallet sizes.






Global Act

Clockenflap promises to be a global music festival, with acts from all around the world. The artists hail from a long list of countries including: Hong Kong, China, Canada, UK, US, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Morocco, Taiwan, Korea, Argentina, Thailand, Philippines, Mauritius, Japan, Indonesia, Macau, and Ireland.




Handmade Hong Kong & Clockencraft Market

Handmade Hong Kong is making a solid appearance this year as "Clockencraft," a market showcasing the best DIY/arts and crafts projects. Swing by and browse through beautifully made, one-of-a-kind items made by local artists and designers. And with Christmas just round the corner, it's the perfect time to pick up a present for your loved ones too.
Opening times: (Sat & Sun) 12 – 7pm





Captured a killer moment on camera? Can't wait to post it online? You can also share your fantastic snapshots with the rest of the Clockenflap crowd on Instagram by using the hashtag #clockenflap. The Clockenflap team will regram it and post it on Twitter as well. Who knows, the organizers might even include your photo in their promotional fliers/brochures next year!




Juggling Act

With so many acts and events happening at the same time, it's going to be quite the juggling act trying to see everything. Some of the choices are no-brainers (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, duh). But there comes a time when you have to figure out what you want more: Chic (ft. Nile Rodgers) or Haggai? Metric or Hitchcock's Blackmail? Silhungmo or Juana Molina? Cui Jian or 2manydjs? Neil Armstrong or Sideshow Disco?


Be sure to get the full schedule and decide which acts to prioritize before you get there. We want to be as level-headed and quick on our feet - no indecisiveness allowed!



Yes, this is another word that starts with J. Let's all agree to not be one this year, ok? Be friendly, introduce yourself, and bond over music, beer, and food. There should be no fighting, no moshing, no jackass-y types of behaviour. Remember, there are young impressionable children around (although they'll probably just stick to the Kids Area - I mean, it's got a bouncy castle!).




Kids Area

If you've got children, bring them along! Even if they're not quite at the age where they're starting to appreciate music other than the theme songs to their favourite cartoons, they'll still enjoy a weekend out… at the Kids Area. Clockenflap has plenty of family-friendly options for the young'uns to do to wile away their time. Activities range from arts and crafts workshops, kid-friendly music and entertainment, face painting, stilt walkers, to the all-important bouncy castle.
Opening times: (Sat & Sun) 12 – 10pm


And if your kids are under 12, they can enter Clockenflap for free and save you a bit of money. Lucky buggers.






Lost and found

Unfortunately, Clockenflap won't have a Lost and Found area, so keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Also, leave the heavy, bulky stuff at home (or in the office if you're coming straight from work on Friday), because there aren't any lockers or storage areas either.





If you're done browsing through Clockencraft and want to stock up on Clockenflap-stamped merchandise, then you're in luck. There's a fair amount of souvenir-worthy items waiting for you at the Merch stalls, located next to the entrance and exit. Check out their beanies, shirts, caps, totes, scarves, badges, and pencils. They even have a dinosaur tail if you're in the mood for a kooky end.




November Movember

Clockenflap is teaming up with Movember, the global campaign raising awareness for men's health, this year. The Movember team will be hosting a free shaving station for all registered participants needing a bit of a "follicle liberation." Pop by to get pampered. Their station is right in between the Bearded Lady Side Show tent and the Your Mum stage.




Origins story

Clockenflap was founded in 2008 by Jay Forster, Mike Hill, and Justin Sweeting as a one-day event to bring life to Hong Kong's otherwise dull live music scene. Within six years, Clockenflap, their humble dream, has grown from being an unrecognizable name to a promising (dare we say?) brand.


"We wanted to create something that was for and about this city, and a product of this city," said Justin Sweeting in our interview with him last year.




Public transportation

We reckon the easiest and most convenient way to get to the festival is via public transport. The MTR, buses, and a bit of good ol' walking will get you to West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade in no time. If you do insist on driving there, be warned: there is no parking space available at the festival site, although there might be some spots available at Elements Mall.


Nearest MTR: Kowloon Station on the Tung Chung line (10 min walk from the venue)

Buses to Austin Road West: KMB 8; GMB 77M

Buses to Western Harbour Crossing Toll Plaza: KMB 11, 203E, 215X, 207A, 281A; GMB 26, 74





To put Hong Kong on the international music festival map, alongside the other heavyweights in the likes of Coachella (US), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan), Glastonbury (UK).






Record breaker

Last year's festival was the record breaker for the largest number of festival-goers to visit Clockenflap yet, with more than 18,000 people showing up over the weekend. Can Clockenflap 2013 beat the record number and surpass 30,000 visitors?





Not one, not two, not three, or four, or five… but seven music stages in total: Electric Owl Stage, Replay Stage, Your Mum Stage, Robot Stage, Harbourflap Stage, Vans Stage.


Smoking Area

To all the smokers anxious about being forced to leave the festival site to smoke: rejoice, for there are two designated smoking areas for your enjoyment.





Got your tickets via ticketflap? Great! Your tickets come with a unique QR code via a PDF file, so either transfer it to your smartphone or print it out as a hard copy. Remember to put your exact name as it appears on your ID (HKID or passport) to avoid being denied entry. You can also buy your tickets to Clockenflap's official After Parties on www.ticketflap.com/en/home/ as well.


P.S. Unable to make it to the festival? You won't be able to get a refund, but you can transfer the ticket to someone else. Just change the ticket holder's name via Ticketflap, and email the QR code to the new ticket holder. If you're looking for someone to take the ticket off your hands, try looking for someone via our Classifieds section.





What's our current society like without the constant stream of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram updates? While you're updating the world on your musical adventure, remember to tag the Clockenflap team as well. The obvious #Clockenflap works wonders and connects you with fellow Clockenflappers.




V.I.P treatment

If you've got the dough to spend (unlike us poor working folks), then we suggest getting the VIP package. It boasts enviable perks including:

  • $1,500 food & beverage coupons (can we tag along for lunch, tea, and dinner?)
  • Priority festival entrance (no need to fight for a place in the queue)
  • Exclusive VIP lounge (relax in style)
  • Exclusive VIP bathroom access (so important to have when you're desperate to go but the bathroom lines are miles long)
  • 1 Harbour Clocken-Cruise festival junk boat (it's never too late for junking)
  • and entry to all official Clockenflap After Parties (party up close with the headliners).







Drink responsibly and stay hydrated… with water! Coffee, tea, and alcohol are never a bad thing (and there are plenty of them available during the festival), but remember to take in lots of water too. To make hydration as easy, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious as possible, there are five free water machines stationed on-site for your drinking pleasure.


And don't worry if your bladder's feeling full – there are plenty of portable toilets (five in total) located all around for your, er, bladder's comfort.




The X-factor

When you're trying to make it big in the world, you need to have that extra "umph" or an "X-factor" that can set you apart from the rest of the competition. To harness that competitive edge, Clockenflap is teaming up with the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to help foster fresh talent. Look out for young eager journalists-in-the-making as they scour the site looking for exciting stories to broadcast on-air via the big screens hoisted above the crowd. And don't miss out on the 30-second videos of motion graphics animations, produced by SCAD students, featuring Clockenflap mascots.





To add even more excitement to the build-up of The Big Day, check out Clockenflap's official YouTube account for special messages, TVCs, and more. Click here to view the clips.




Zombie attack (or just a silent disco?)

Feel those funky beats? Got the urge to let go and let it all out? If you're not afraid to look silly (or like a recently-risen zombie), grab a pair of headphones and hit the silent disco dance floor. All the sick tunes are streamed directly to your headphones, so to an innocent passer-by, it looks as if you're dancing without any music. But don't be conscious of the quizzical and amused looks of fellow festival-goers – when you're in the zone, you're in the zone.


And with a DJ line-up that rivals the main headliners, you won't find it hard to find your groove. Look out (or hear out) for: Louie Lock, Shhhwing!, Taku, Doey, and Ray Dollars.