You're Kidding me - this apartment is available to rent?!

HK$ 27,000 Price is negotiable
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2018-11-09 10:04
Unique roof-top apartment available for rent in the middle of Soho. Yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you; for just $27,000.00 HKD, you could be the envy of all your friends, and the host with the most if you get your hands on this apartment in the most coveted area in Hong Kong. Think New York loft apartment with an Asian twist. And did I mention the lovely roof space?!

Not that I need to sell this apartment - the pictures do that for themselves, but this place literally ticks every box. Here's a summary for you:

Storage - yes. F*ck tons. So much so, that even my 87 pairs of shoes, 7 suitcases, enough ballgowns and dresses to open up my own shop, ski-gear and my husband's golf clubs fit comfortably in. Incredible, but true. How, I hear you gasp? Well, there's basically a nifty storage area that has been built into the stairwell which is lockable by yours truly. Plus the bedroom has a built-in wardrobe with two rails AND a chest of drawers. Not to forget the pretty roomy storage under the raised bedframe which is perfect for the Ikea storage boxes. Oh, and my husband and I just had the storage cubes mounted on one of the walls which means you have storage for books (lots of them in my case); whiskey bottles and decanters, photo frames and general crap that my other-half seems to think these units are used for...

The kitchen, whilst compact, also is home to the following: double hob-plate thingy; microwave, and wait for it, a mini-oven. PLUS. There's still enough space for all your crockery, pots, pans, spiralizers and other gadgets and gizmos. All of which admittedly I have not used very much as the other amazing thing about this area is that Food Panda and Deliveroo deliver. Plus there's also McSorley's - which does the best Nanwich in the world - please try one if you haven't, but ask for it wrapped; Chom Chom, Oola, La Pampa, Stazi, and of course Vaga. What more could you possibly want? And it's literally. On. Your. Doorstep.

Moving on, we have one of my favourite features. Sliding doors. No, not the movie. But the super cool way that the bedroom closes off from the living room. Plus they have windows and blinds which means you have the option of your friends being able to be peeping Tom's into your bedroom, or not, whichever works for you.

Now obviously I've saved the best for last. The roof space. As this walk-up is the end of Staunton and the corner of Aberdeen, it has the unique feature of NOT BEING CLOSED IN BY OTHER BUILDINGS. Perhaps I've overdone it with the capitals here, but I obviously wanted to emphasize the fact that this place gets so much sunshine. That and the fact that you don't look into anyone else's windows like so many other places in Hong Kong. The roof is the same size as the downstairs area which means you are basically getting double the space without it costing double the moolah. It's like getting an upgrade from economy to business with those lie-down bed things. Square feet means to me the witches in the film adapted from the Roald Dahl book. So for people that need more sensible measurements, it basically held a BBQ party for about 6 dogs and 25 people. See - not many places in HK that you can have that. Unless you are a super rich millionaire or something, which means you are probably not going to be reading this advert anyway.

Soooooooo, if this sounds like this could be the place for you, get in line to arrange a viewing for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Please note, some items of furniture not included. And neither are the dogs, they're just cute pups, sorry props.
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