Solar Panel Installation Glass house optional

HK$ 170000
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2020-05-17 10:06
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Please reach out to Eric via WhatsApp for more information. +852 64681489

Ying Fung Solar installation service will include the following.

1. Ying Fung will help submit Feed-in Tariff Application to your Electric company on your behalf with design diagrams.
2. Each support pillar and bracket that supports the solar roof will use a 3.0mm thickness aluminum. Each bracket is 4 by 4 inches and the support pillars will be mounted to the floor and to the rooftop walls
3. Ja Solar half-cell module 340w / Longi Solar High efficiency Low LID Mono PERC with Overlap Technology 360w (maintenance for 15 years) will be used for the solar panels
4.Growatt inverter (maintenance for five years), Korean made Mcb box, CLP stainless steel electric box, stainless steel power adapter (maintenance for 10 years)
5. Solar roof structure will include water gutter for water drainage.
6. Solar roof structure will include an Insulation layer (2 inches) (waterproof warranty for 2 years)
7. After solar roof is installed, Ying Fung will submit T & C test report to CLP
8. Ying Fung will be onsite to assist CLP to hang electricity meter to complete the Feed-in Tariff application.
9. Optional Wi-Fi monitoring can be installed
10. 15 years free inspection

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