Pipo Light-weight computer

HK$ 1400
2021-07-19 19:30
Pipo Win 8.1 - upgraded to Window 10 Home 32 bit (Registered) and installed "Classic Shell" program to rid the screens of the obnoxious MicroSquelch's "tiles".

Total Weight : 2.2 lbs - so it doesn't break your arm carrying it around !!

Touch Support with 10 Touch10 Points

Built in Web-cams (2); Stereo speakers & Microphone.

Socket for earphones


SIM slot for Data when away from your Wi-Fi. {I have never needed this feature}.

Slot for mini-sized Memory card [I used this for replaying TV programs previously downloaded]

Wired LAN connection with external adaptor.

Wi-Fi - very sensitive in b/g modes.

64 GB Hi-Speed eSSD storage media for extremely FAST boot-up to Window 10.

HDMI connection.

10" Screen.

1 x USB2.

Comes with elegant keyboard and wrapper to hold the tablet up to a good position for viewing or typing. It grips the tablet to the keyboard with magnets- turning it into a fully functional Laptop with a vibrant screen view.

Many useful utilities & "blockers for Nasties" installed.

Fast Charger - with battery in excellent condition.

Everything in perfect condition, it has had VERY little use as I now seldom travel now - but it has worked in China, & Taiwan .. It has been well cared for & has many years of useful life in it.

Asking for $1,400 as my old age precludes international travel now, and I reckon that someone else who travels could use it more than I these days!

*** Item is from a smoke free / pet free environment.***

Extreme "Lowballers" are free to make an offer, just don't expect a reply.

Fair enough.

Interested? Then leave me your WhatsApp PHONE NUMBER [Include your e'mail address if you reckon you can't find your way to me near HKU, and I will send you a MAP.jpg to assist you].

NO LOCAL Donkeys making ASSes of themselves [and there's been several for other items in the recent years.

If you want even fuller tech specs -- remember GIYF - Google Is Your Friend --> so USE GOOGLE !!

Anyone who only replies "I'm interested" will immediately been dumped into the "Bit Bucket".

DON'T ASK "Is it still available?" I remove items as soon as they are sold - so don't waste my / your time.
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Mid-Levels, Hong Kong - Central and West
Near HKU Sport Centre in Pok Fu Lam Road. View Location on Google Maps