Powerful 12+ Volt charger

HK$ 400
2020-03-25 13:50
Super hi-powered Car Battery Charger or for "Ham Radio" Operator power supply !

$400 for the Power Supply to recharge your car Battery at home - you never know WHEN you will need this "insurance" from it - it's "Saved my Bacon" more than once - but sold the wretched VW car and have no further need of it for my vehicle, & I've been QRT since returning from the Sultanate of Oman's military more than 40 years ago !

Buyer HAS to collect from Pok Fu Lam Road - near St. John's College, it's far too heavy for a 79 year old to carry around town.

If you need a MAP.jpg to guide you here - then include your e'mail address along with your contact phone #.
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Mid-Levels, Hong Kong - Central and West
Near Pok Ful Lam playground on PFL Road View Location on Google Maps