A "Blast from the past"

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2020-07-01 14:28
I know it's a LOOOONG shot... But... I'm looking into the "Way Back" machine here!

In the days of 286/386/486 and possibly later - I had used an "auxillary" extractor fan inside its housing bolted on to the inside back grille of a desktop - like where the plug-in boards are secured.

Well, I'm looking for such an old (working) device to cool down my desktop a bit more, just so long as the fan(s) still turn and the power cable is attached. The "old style" rectangular power plug of yesteryear will be excellent.

I regret that my previous "coolers" went out of the door when I sold my earlier computers !

Anyone got one or more of these "Blasts from the past" for me??

Please leave me a message!
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