The Cat's Pyjamas!!!

HK$ 2500
2022-06-23 17:30
"The Cats' Pyjamas!!!"

i.e. One of best Models, if not the best, available Laptop from Lenovo.

It's a super slim Lenovo X1 Carbon with Solid State Storage which is controlled by an Intel core i7 vPro, and has the distinctive "Red Nipple" controller in the middle of the keyboard - which indicates that it is a premium laptop.

It is very portable as it weighs in at a mere 3 lbs, and has a battery in excellent condition, and had the usual high quality Power Block for recharging as necessary.

The unit will connect to Wi-Fi on 2.4GHz AND 5GHz bands, and is very sensitive.

It has a variety of Utility programs installed - so the buyer can quickly familiarise themselves with them and not have to hunt the Internet for programs to keep the Lenovo running at 100% capacity if they "Goof Up".

The original programs are on a different partition if you need to re-install any of them, or to copy to friends for their use.

The casing is in excellent condition, and has been taken care of.

There is also a 100+ page PDF complete description of this model on the Storage. The RAM fitted is 8GB, so one can run many programs. i.e. Lenova didn't fall for Gates' "640KB memory should be enough for anyone" statement!!

Grab it whilst you can !!

The latest X1 Carbon costs over HK$ 15,000, but I am selling this earlier version for a mere $2,500

It is in excellent condition, & comes with a padded carrying bag.

Collect the package from near Pok Fu Lam Playground on PFL Road.

Free Guest parking.....

If you need a MAP.jpg to assist your travels, leave me an e'mail address to send it to.
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Mid-Levels, Hong Kong - Central and West
Near Pok Fu Lam Playground View Location on Google Maps