Looking for a Western Employer

HK$ 5000
2017-10-06 00:11
Age 30-40 years
Nationality Filipino
Contract Status Finished
Currently In Hong Kong? Yes
References Available No
Years of Experience 2-4 years
Languages Spoken English
Nationality of Previous Employer Chinese
Can Look After Older Children, Pets
Can Cook Chinese Food
Have Driver's License No
Will Work in a Team No
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Description / Bio

Hi,I'm Cyrill Elaine Bea Santos,38years old from the Philippines. I am currently working at Discovery Bay with a Hongkonese employer in which I am taking care of 3 dogs,1 Bernese Mountain and 2 poodles,and 2 local cats and 2 foster dogs if my employers like to poste and sometimes the grandmother of my sir. My routines are as usual household chores and walk the dogs out 4 times a day. I do know some Chinese Cuisine though I don't usually practice it because of some reason that I can only tell personally,I may not know much of a Western Cuisine but I am more than willing to learn. I'm an honest,hardworking,trust worthy,reliable,fast learner person. I am willing to know more,learn more to make my self better and to give my employer the quality service that they deserve. My current contract will expire on February 18, 2020. I go to church every Sunday and spend some time with my friends after. Any one who's intersted,please send me a message to this number 51704419 due to weak signal in my employers house you can only Whatsapp me. I am willing to be interviewed personally.


Discovery Bay, Outlying Islands
#45 Cresmont Villa, Cape Ridge Discovery Bay, Lantau Island.