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2019-08-08 23:45
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Hello Sir / Ma'am,

I'm Aiza Toquero, 31 yrs old from Philippines, single don't have kids.
I am currently working here in Hong Kong for more than 7 yrs.
My first employer they r Filipino and I look after their teenager son as they both working, I finished the contract but unable to renew due to financial problem.
On my second employer they r Colombian/Russian. I was taking care of their 1 yr and 10 months old daughter as my male boss always have a flight and my female boss sometimes will go with him so usually only me and little one left but sad to say couldn't continue the contract as they suddenly decided to relocate to US.
And my current employer now they both Russians and I am working with them since September 2015 and will be finish by this coming October 27,2019. I taking care and look after the 2 kids aging (eldest son 5yrs old and youngest son 2 yrs old) drop and pick up the eldest son in the school bus and after bringing them in the playdate or in the playground. I also taking care of our pets, a Pomeranian dog, a huge cat and little turtle and washing turtle's aquarium. Our place is quite big so I do gardening too like doing mowering the grass, I do household chores too, cooking and sometimes marketing but not very often as they do, I also do cleaning and washing our golf car.
I will be finishing my contract this coming October 27 but not renewing the contract they ask to renew but I decided not due to my personal reason.
I hope I can find a good hearted employer here and for those who interested employer u can message me in my WhatsApp +85266575370 only sorry but cannot answer a call.. thank u


Discovery Bay, Outlying Islands
Discovery Bay