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2023-09-19 13:46
Age 40-50 years
Nationality Filipino
Contract Status Terminated: Other
Currently In Hong Kong? Yes
References Available Yes
Years of Experience 10+ years
Languages Spoken English
Nationality of Previous Employer Chinese
Can Look After Children (Under 5 years old), Older Children, Pets, Elderly
Can Cook Chinese Food, Baking - Bread/Cakes/Cookies
Have Driver's License No
Will Work in a Team No
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Description / Bio

Hello mam/sir,

Hope you are all doing good...
I am Irene Amora, 47 yrs old, single, I am a Christian by faith. With good character and can be trusted. Hardworking and with a good hygiene.

- has experienced working at Kuwait for 2 yrs,
- Korean family here at HK for 11 yrs (but due to financial problem, the employer needs to let me go). I took care of 2 teen ager boys (for 11 yrs) and in charge of marketing and cooking.
- Chinese family, took care of a 6 yrs old boy for 2 yrs.
- currently working for a Chinese family with 4 adults, 2 cats and always fostered dogs,

Unfortunately, I would like to break my contract due to personal reason, that I can explain to you during interview, and also no enough food for 1 year now, so I always buy my food with my own money. Our house is 2000 sq m with garden and 2 cars.

My previous Korean employer can be contacted, as I have good relationship with all of them.

My phone number is 69934164, I really hope you will give me a chance mam. I can exit in Macau to wait for my visa if needed.
Thank you so much mam.
God bless..

Sincerely yours,
Irene Amora


Hong Kong - Central and West