2nd Fantastic Helper Wanted

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2020-09-12 19:22
Who are we?
We are a friendly and honest family, who are well travelled and respect different cultures - dad (western), mum (chinese/western educated) an independent and friendly 9yr old child, plus Grandma who is mostly independent, lives on a different floor, and just needs help chopping cooking ingredients, carrying items to her downstairs floor, taking the trolley to market or taking care of a small dog.

Where do we live?
We live in a 3 story house in the gold coast which has beautiful views of the sea, a nice sea breeze as well as being in a peaceful area. On the next street are express bus connections to Tuen Mun or Central so its also easy to travel to and from town.

Who will you partner with?
You will be friends and work as a team with one other wonderful, trustworthy, honest, friendly, calm and chatty Filipino helper. She loves cooking magnificent Chinese and Western food, as well as undertaking other day to day chores around the house.

Where will i stay?
You will share a room with the other helper, which has a its own private separate toilet and shower, plus hanging space.

What is a typical day?
Our 9yr son can look after himself, so typically his main need is a cooked meal or lunch. On occassion you may need to take him to the club house for swinmming, or escort him to local activities.
Grandma is fairly independent, but will need help to carry items to her on her ground floor space, or help to groom the dog, or tidy up her wardrobes. Grandma really enjoys sharing a large meal with the helpers so be warned for your waist line ! :-)
Other duties are fairly normal such as cleaning the rooms, doing the washing and watering the plants in the garden, and walking the small dog locally to the house.

How about food?
As a family and in partnership with our helpers, we really enjoying cooking many different food dishes, we allow our helpers to enjoy most of our food with us (apart from any special food for the child). In addition we will provide a few other little treats such as noodles, instant coffee etc for yourselves.
We also have many kitchen tools, and appliances for experimenting with cooking different foods, so if one of your passions is cooking then you will fit right in.

What is my day off?
Our first helper will have priority to choose, normally it will be either a Saturday or Sunday depending on the other helper choosing one of the other days. We are flexible which day you take as long as you are both not off on the same day.
We also will not expect you to perform any duties on your day off - this is your free time.

Any benefits?
We will provide bonuses for special occasions, celebrations or extra special events.
In addition unlimited WiFi is available providing its used during your free time.

Due to current travel restrictions we are looking for someone that has finished their contract or will soon be available and who is already in Hong Kong.

Whats a good match?
We really want to find a good friend for our existing helper (and her neighbourhood friends) to partner up and share the day to day work, as such and in consultation with our exisitng helper a good match would be a Filipino, 30-48 yrs old, Female, with all round expertise as a helper, healthy, good standard of cleanliness, common sense, keen to learn, some cooking experience, and chatty / friendly personality.

How can i find out more?
WhatsApp Madame Helen - 9178 2919
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Additional Details

Preferred Age 40-50 years
Preferred Nationality Filipino
Preferred Years of Experience 5+ years, 10+ years
Will Look After Older Children, Pets, Elderly
Know How to Cook Chinese Food, Western Food, Baking - Bread/Cakes/Cookies
Have Driver's License No
Will Work in a Team Yes


Gold Coast, New Territories
Siu Lam View Location on Google Maps