SOLD---RITTRECK VIEW CAMERA 8x10 inch ground glass back

HK$ 4000
2022-06-23 01:07
This item is in Hong Kong. Fits all Rittreck metal bodied large format view cameras. (The same Rittreck view that also uses 5x7 inch, 4x5 inch, etc.) The 8x10 inch back in great condition is quite rare I'd say---not easy to find. See the photos. It does have a few smudges on the chrome, etc. The sides are made of wood and it has a metal part that clips on to the camera. Not very heavy. The lines on the inside of the gg seem to have been put there by a former user, one who evidently was rather skilled, the lines are fine and done probably with a pencil. The glass does not use a Fresnel, only gg itself (known as "700 mesh"), and this one, it seems to me, is easier to use (brighter I guess or less grainy?) than my 8x10 Sinar gg. I prefer it to my Sinar gg, actually. This has been used by me and works super well. No issues. Clean, no fungus, not cloudy, perfect condition. NOTE: In the pix below, only the back is for sale, NOT the camera : )
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