Barmah Suede Leather Hat

HK$ 200
2022-12-27 14:58
Losing your "Thatch" ?? Well, it's chilling without insulation for a balding head on cold days.

That's when a stylish "Barmah" suede leather hat comes in very useful at a mere $200.

My own one has seen several wintery seasons & kept me warm too.

My sister brought a new one back from an Australian trip, but I won't wear it as it is much more suitable for those with larger heads to perch it on & is classified as "XL" and I ain't got a "Big Head" !!

Don't delay - grab it soon - or it will likely be tossed out when I "shuffle off this mortal coil". .

Want to try it out for a fit? Then jump on almost any bus from Central or Aberdeen & exit at the stop for the Pok Fu Lam Playground; I am a very few minutes down the slop from these stops.

I can send you a WhatsApp picture (MAP.jpg) to show you an accurate flat location.

Don't respond [At All] if you can't be bothered to ACTUALLY come when you said that you will - too many wowsers have done that !!!!

FREE guest car parking !
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Mid-Levels, Hong Kong - Central and West