Lavender Purple Jadeite Safety Charm (Donut) (39x11mm, 37gram)

HK$ 800
2022-11-22 19:41
Stone: Jadeite (Grade A)
Species: Purple (Zhiluolan)
Translucncy: Little
Texture: Smooth (No fissure or crack)
Cutting: Safety Charm (Donut)
Dimension: 39x11mm
Weight: 35.7g (178.5ct)

In Chinese folklore, jadeite symbolize safety and protection and a destroyed piece of jadeite often means evasion of a tragedy. Therefore it is great gift to junior and senior member in a family to wish them good health, safe and warding off "evil spirits".

First time selling jadeite here, not sure if there are fans of these oriental gemstones. My collection of Jadeite stone are all certified natural A grade jadeite unless specfied.

Jadeite has been ornament of oritental culture for centuries. Its cousin, Naprite are enjoyed by social elite since ancient time. Jadeite, while come into play later in Chinese history, is embraced by imperial court duruing Qing dynasty, which the term "Imperial Green" was invented to describe the best of the green jadeite.

Controverarily to people belief, Jadeite is versatile and came in different colour apart from Green, Purple jadeite is among the second most valuable form of jadeite and there are red, amber, blue, black, bi-colour, tri-colour vareities available in markets.

Whether jadeite is collectible grade is determined by various factors, to name a few, tranlucency, colour vibrance, inclusions, existence of colour stripes and texture (size of crystal structure) and existance of fissure/cracks.

There are multiple institutions in Hong Kong which offer Jadeite examination services at realtively low cost. If you concerned on my jadeite quality, please ask them verify the stone for you. Should the stone I sold to you isn't Natural Jadeite (Grade A), a full refund will be issued, and you may keep the stone for personal apprasial if you wish.
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