Summer Putonghua Workshops PSC1 Mandarin Teachers With MA. in TCIL

HK$ 300-850 Price is negotiable
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2019-06-06 18:47
J. H. Mandarin

NIHAO, we are a team of native Mandarin Teachers which experience in teaching Chinese as second language ( both Mandarin and Cantonese),provide fun and efficient tailor made Chinese lesson for more than 9 years.

Lessons we offered:

Summer Putonghua workshops
Summer 2019
17/06-30/08 Mon~ Thu
Flexible enrollment
$380/1 day $1200/1 week

2019暑期 17/06-30/08
$380/一天 $1200/一週

Language is the bridge for learning and communicating. In order to master a second language, you need to understand the implications behind the culture.
Age 4~12 is the best time for kids to learn language easily. With specially designed intensive training suitable for their development stage. They can pick up Chinese without stress and be benefited for life.
Get ready to work with our native Mandarin teachers. Have fun in our activities and get your Chinese improve at the same time.

Group 1- Age 4-6 10:00-12:00
Expand vocabulary in no sweat.

Group 2- Age 7-10 13:00-15:00
Build confidence in reading, writing and speaking.

Group 3- Age 10-12 15:30-17:30
Vocabulary no longer limited in daily life base.

Activities detail please check pictures.


親子普通話拼音班 (上午)
Family Putonghua Pinyin lessons
$900/4 lessons





Mandarin for Foreigners
-Survival Mandarin ( Beginner /Intermediate/Advanced)
-Business Mandarin
-HSK* Preparation Course
2019 HK Exam date
-in CUHK

-in HKU

-Course for Kids & Teenagers(small group)
Chinese Lesson/ Putonghua lesson/ Cantonese lesson
.4 lessons a month .4 lessons a month
Rate 1 hour / lesson 1.5hour/ lesson
K1-K3 $ 600 $ 800
P1-P3 $600 $ 850
P4-P6 $ 700 $ 980
S1-S2 $ 800 $1150
S3-S4 $900 $ 1300
S5-S6 $1000 $1400

-Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers
-Pronunciation correction
-Written Chinese ( both Simplified and Traditional)

Mandarin for Locals

Cantonese for Foreigners
-Cantonese for Daily life
-Cantonese for Work Place

Cantonese for Chinese

Our students are from all ages and work in different fields, local and foreigner. Such as investment banking -JPMC, HSBC,UBS , Credit Suisse, BASF, Polo by Ralph Lauren , Nissan, Ford, Asia Pacific, Exxon Mobil, legal-Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Fidelity International , retail-Starbucks, Oracle, AB Concept,TPG ,etc. They took different kinds of Chinese lesson, from survival, business to HSK* exam, etc.
Students are happy to the tailor made lesson which helps them speak and understand Chinese better and sooner.


• All with PSC** grade 1B (score 93.3~95.4/100 )
• Master's Degree in
~ Teaching Chinese as an International Language (CUHK)
~ Putonghua Education (CUHK)

• Bachelor /Postgraduate Diploma in
~International Economic and Trade (JNU)
~Certificate for Putonghua Trainers (Beijing Normal University)
~Early Childhood Education (EUHK)
~Chinese Language and Literature (CUHK/OUHK)
~Professional certificate program in lifelong and Elderly education.

• IPA International Chinese Teacher
• Registered Teacher in Education Bureau (HK)
• Qualifications of translator by the High Court of Hong Kong

More about us
~more than 9 years experiences in teaching Chinese as second language.
~Fun and efficient,with good communication skill.

You know that Mandarin is getting more and more important. So, start now! Take your lesson with well experience teacher who is passion and skilled. And you will find Chinese Language is much easier and fun.

Any further information please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Lesson in your office/ home/ coffee shop
1 on 1 $600/hr
Small group. $700/hr ( size 2-6)

Lesson in our classroom
A.Yau Ma Tei (right next to MTR exit A2 )
B. Ma On Shan (shop 56,1/F ,Fu Fai Graden)
1 on 1 $400/hr
Small group. $600/hr ( size 2-6)

Ms. Hera (852)5113-6370 Whatsapp
[email protected]
Ms. Ming (852)6292-6978 Whatsapp
[email protected]
Ms. Rose Yu(852)93296713 Whatsapp
[email protected]
*The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test used in Mainland China or
the Chinese Standard Exam used in Mainland China, for non-native speakers such as foreign studentsand overseas Chinese.
The test is administered by the Hanban, an agency of the Ministry of Education of the PRC.
2019 HK Exam date
-in CUHK
-in HKU

**The Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC) is an official test of spoken fluency in Standard Chinese intended for native speakers of Chinese Languages. Specified standards of achievement in the test are required for many jobs in broadcasting, education and government.
Candidates who pass the test are given a Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Level at levels 1, 2 or 3, each of which is subdivided into grades A and B:
Level 1-A (97% correct) is required for news presenters in national and provincial radio and television.
• Level 1-B (92% correct) is required for Chinese-language teachers in northern China.
• Level 2-A (87% correct) is required for Chinese-language teachers in southern China.
Level 2-B (80% correct) is required
for Chinese teachers teaching other languages in China.
• Level 3-A (70% correct)
• Level 3-B (60% correct) is required for civil service jobs.
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