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2022-11-11 14:45
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My name is Edward, I am a tutor in H.K with many years of tutoring experience.

Before that I worked in 2 different Corps (Global 500 companies) as an I.T Administrator, I.T manager and ISO company representative. Therefore I can give true industrial examples when explaining different concepts.

I graduated at Monash University (Computing) and spent 12 years living in Melb, Australia. I love traveling and nature photo shootings.

In English tutoring, I could help students to use correct grammar, vocabularies & technical writings. Especially to AVOID using H.K English or direct translations, such as: “Double confirm”, " 沒有水晶球" and "死線" !

Finally, I can also introduce different tutors for other subjects: such as: Pu Tong Hua (Mandarin),
Chemistry and Physics.

- My contact no.: or Whatsapp: 9889-8219
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