Helping your child to love and use English every day, plus manage in school.

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2020-07-27 12:13
Hi. My name is Daniel. I am a retired teacher of English and I started my teaching career in 1968. I retired from full-time teaching in 2006 but have not stopped teaching.

I would like to clarify that because of the coronavirus epidemic, I tutor online.

I speak fluent Cantonese as I was born and raised in Hong Kong, going through the system of education here as I grew. I taught full-time in two typical local secondary schools (mostly the junior secondary classes from Forms / Secondary 1 to 3), so I have a very clear understanding of how the system of education works in Hong Kong schools. My Cantonese helps me to understand the mistakes that Hong Kong students make in English.

My first language is English so, yes, I consider myself a native speaker.

My experience includes coaching basketball, swimming, some athletics and as a scout master for 30+ years, My personal interests include photography, videography and, in particular, information technology. I helped my last school develop their IT infrastructure. I use a lot of IT and multimedia in my teaching / tutoring.

At present, with two boys in primary 2 and 5, they and I are using oral interaction online, IT tools and Internet resources for their English learning. I started with them last August in 2019 when they could not understand my spoken English much (the younger boy none at all). They can now understand me and speak with me in English. The older boy communicates with me all the time in English. I am tutoring them online once a week.

I would also like to explain that my approach is to help students to learn to become interested in and love English so that it becomes a lifelong habit. I also help them to prepare for their quizzes and exams --- not through conventional methods like memorization and using grammar but to understand what is correct and become accustomed to this.

Please understand that my primary objective is to help your son / daughter to learn more efficiently and, with IT, to gradually take charge of their own learning and progress. As their tutor, I cannot always be there but they can, in time, achieve independence. I particularly want to help students who are considered underachievers because I have seen that many of my past students, once inspired and motivated, learned to relax and developed confidence, losing their fears and doubts of their academic abilities.

If you are interested and would like see if I can help your child, please contact me by email ([email protected]) or through WhatsApp (60250526). Thank you.
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Sai Kung, New Territories