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Looking for an internationally recognised TEFL qualification?

Train The Teacher is Hong Kong’s paramount international training team, and its trainers have delivered the Trinity College London CertTESOL course in Hong Kong since 2008. Through a proven track record and a large network, they have a strong reputation both locally and internationally for their academic knowledge, professional standards, interactive inputs, dedication and trainee support.

Owned and run by teacher trainers, Train The Teacher are with you from course application to job placement.

For the provision of the CertTESOL in Hong Kong, TTT has partnered with The Edge Learning Centre, located in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Beijing and Shanghai. Established in 2008, The Edge provides a full spectrum of premium educational services to students, schools, and corporations. Their services range from Test Preparation and Admissions to Curriculum Development and Teacher Training. The Edge is a progressive company, committed to rethinking education for the 21st century.

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Fantastic trainers
I really Highly recommend taking the Trinity CertTESOL with Train the Teacher. It is a very intensive course but the Train the Teacher team will nurture you through it with a polished professional approach and plenty of encouragement and humour, which will keep you going during some low ebbs thanks to lack of sleep. The course itself is excellent and will set you up very well for establishing a career in teaching English.

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Top class team!
Back in 2012, I was extremely lucky to receive my CertTESOL training from the Train The Teacher team. Despite the intensity of the course, the trainers were able to ensure that I was adequately prepared for the observed lessons and assessments, which helped me to pass the course. Furthermore, the lessons were enjoyable and I learnt a lot from each person that taught our cohort.

As for the qualification, it is recognized throughout Hong Kong and has been instrumental in helping me to secure high quality roles.

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Professional. Qualified. International.
Course taken: Jan - May 2014
Format: Part-time
Number of students: 11

I have done a few months of research and talked with a few people who have been through the course before applying. The course delivered by Fusion Teaching met and exceeded my expectations.

The advantages:
- Trinity College London is a renowned institution, and the Cert TESOL is known and accepted (Including the British Council) as a teaching certificate anywhere around the world.
- The course was structured, feedback and comments from the teachers are to the point, and the classes provide many invaluable & applicable strategies, tactics and resources for a new teacher (like myself) to teach in different class settings.
- You get to practice your skills on adult students (not your classmates), which gives you first hand (and real time) feedback about your own teaching.
- Critiques come from your teachers and your peers, similar to an actual school setting when you will be evaluated in the future.

The challenges:
- The teachers are inspiring, but they set a high standard for you and your peers.
- It's a lot work. The more you wait the more the work.
- From professional teachers to career changers, one can always polish on either his/her knowledge on the English language or teaching skills in this course, no matter what your level of studies maybe or the number of years of teaching experience you have. So no one goes home empty handed (aka, work for everyone!)
- Time pass by quickly, because you are so busy.

As a Public Relations Consultant with 10 years of field experience, I was looking to explore a new career. I was surprised the quality of the Cert TESOL course was conducted so well, and my take away from the course was profound and lifelong.

Thank you, Frank, Maria, and Angie!

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Excellent Course
I took the CertTESOL course at the beginning of 2014. Overall, it was a very exhausting experience, but surprisingly rewarding. There is a great deal of material to cover, assessment to do, and classes to teach in a very short space of time. Fortunately, the teachers are excellent at guiding you through the material and making it an enjoyable experience at the same time.

This course has been invaluable to me, and I would highly recommend this course to anybody who's serious about getting a start in teaching English (or even to those who want some experience in teaching, as many of the skills are transferable).

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Do the CertTESOL with TTT
I was one of those people who came into the Trinity CertTESOL course (led by the team at Train the Teacher) with zero teaching experience, and I got the teaching job I wanted shortly after getting the certificate, which is amazing.The course is incredibly intensive but it really does pay off. If you’re looking to get your CertTESOL in Hong Kong (pretty much the only internationally recognized teaching qualification you can get here I believe, since the British Council doesn’t do the CELTA courses in HK anymore), do it at Train the Teacher with Angie, Frank and Maria. You won’t regret it :)

Nobody will tell you with a straight face that the CertTESOL course is an easy ride - the curriculum itself is not hard to understand, but it does require you to 1) work the hardest you’ve ever worked in a long time 2) know your strengths and weaknesses whether you're new or experienced, accept criticism, and actively improve from doing the teaching practices. If you’re prepared to do both, you will pass the course. Angie, Frank, and Maria have been training teachers for years - their experience really shows in their training and they love and believe in what they do. You can tell by the way they take the extra step to help you do your best (like staying behind after class to help whenever they can), as well as help you work on the things you’re not so good at. What I really liked about them was that they always gave honest feedback and constructive criticism while being kind and encouraging at the same time. They have high standards, but they also genuinely want you to do well and will take you through the learning curve. The trainers teach you exactly what you need to do to carry out a good lesson; the rest is up to you.

If you’re thinking about doing it, just sign up and do it. It’s a rewarding experience.

S.T. (October 2014)

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Excellent course ..Wonderful trainers
Taking up this course turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my professional life. The course is very well structured to cover all the important dimensions of teaching English to speakers of other language.It makes you a confident teacher where you plan your lessons and deliver it to a class of 'real' students, and on the other hand makes you feel like a nervous student when you are taught a foreign language(in one of the sections of the course).

Everything is very well organised and implemented and the credit for this goes to the wonderful team of Train the Teacher. They are there to guide you, support you, encourage you and push you to do your best. Regular feedback is given throughout the course which is highly motivating and helps to channelize your effort in the right direction. All the trainers approachable, professional and supportive. They have different teaching styles and personalities which makes being taught and assessed by them highly rewarding.

This course not only polished my teaching skills but also makes me a more organised, disciplined and self motivated individual.

Thank you Frank, Maria, Angie, Alison and Carola for making this an unforgettable experience of my life.

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