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All Round Education Academy with a leading team of 43 educators was recently labeled as "Masters of Their Game" in the Education Section of The Standard Newspaper. Under the right guidance and environment, students develop a deeper understanding of concepts which in turn leads to academic achievement, application of concepts and innovation – three facets that are sought for by top rated corporations and universities around the world.

Phone: +852 27244240 & +852 34685472
Email: [email protected]
Branches: Central I Tsim Sha Tsui I Cyberport

Academic Tutoring I Test Preparation I Admissions Consulting I Language Centre

Curriculums: IBDP, MYP, PYP, IGCSE, HSC, SAT, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, Common Entrance 11+, 13+ & 16+, Key Stages 1-3, MYD, BTEC, IELTS, TOEFL

Subjects Offered: Accounting, Biology, Business and Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language and Literature, Environmental Systems and Societies, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Information Technology in a Global Society, Mandarin, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Spanish

Private (1-1, Centre, Senior Tutor)    $500/hour
Private (1-1, Centre, Expert Tutor)    $600/hour
Private (1-1, Home, Senior Tutor)    $600/hour
Semi-private (2-1, Centre)    $360/hour
Micro-group (Centre) $280/hour

Academic Performance: Our number one priority is in ensuring that our students receive the grades they need to achieve their goals and excel in the future. Through us, our students have seen drastic increases in their marks and have gone on to successfully apply to many of the world’s top universities.

World Class Tutors: We recruit only the best. Our familiarity with international curriculums paired with our systematic approach provides our students with the academic training and real-life skills that are needed in the modern world.

Individualized Attention: We recognize that people gain knowledge in many different ways. With this in mind, all of our lessons are made to suit the individual needs and abilities of every one of our students to ensure that they receive the maximum level of support that we can provide them.

Home & Center Tutoring: While learning in a classroom environment has been proven to be extremely effective for most students, we also understand that for many, moving back and forth is extremely inconvenient. We offer lessons at our 3 centers and at the convenience of our students’ residence.

“The tutors at All Round Education Academy not only made me feel prepared for my exams due to the well-structured lessons, the ability to email them any questions I had, but also by creating a comforting environment. Their welcoming personality, encouraging attitude towards their students made All Round Education Academy my first choice when I needed a tutor." - Adrian D, Island School [Adrian went up from a 32/45 to a 39/45 for the IBDP exams in 2 months]

"On my first SAT I only got a 1670/2400, but after only a couple of months of sessions with AREA, I improved significantly and achieved a 2270!" - Calvin K, West Island School

We are a team of 43 internationally qualified and passionate educators. Please find the credentials of some of our full-time tutors below. Please get in touch with one of our educational consultants in order to get a better indication of tutors for different subjects which haven not been specified below.

1. IGCSE and IBDP Economics and Mathematics Specialist - Mr. A (Expert Full Time)

- MSc in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
- BSc in Economics with 1st class honors from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
- BSc in Business Administration from Babson College
- Courses Completed: International Economics (1st), Microeconomics (1st), Macroeconomics (1st), Quantitative Finance (1st), Investments and Corporate Finance (1st), Econometrics (2.1),
- Scored in the 97th percentile for his GMAT and attained a perfect score in the new SAT
- Adept at classroom management, pupil motivation, curriculum development and multiple levels of instruction
- His rich teaching experience and engaging methods have led students to solidify their understanding of complex concepts with students regularly achieving in the 85th percentile and above
- 5 years teaching experience

2. IGCSE and IBDP Mathematics and Physics Specialist - Dr. M (Expert Full Time)

- PhD graduate from The University of Loughborough, UK
- Masters degree holder from the University of Leuven, Belgium
- BSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from HKU
8 years as an assistant professor at Polytechnic University and the National University of Hong Kong
- Expertise lies in IGCSE and IBDP Mathematics and Physics
- Excellent track record with students regularly scoring above the 95th percentile
- 6 years teaching experience

3. IGCSE, PYP, MYP and IBDP English Language and Literature Specialist - Miss.C (Expert Full Time)

- BA in English Literature with a 1st class honors from a top 10 UK University
- 41/45 in the IB with a level 7 in HL English Language and Literature
- Worked as a tutor at the Chatteris Educational Foundation in Hong Kong for 2 years
- Worked as a teaching assistant at an IB school in the UK for 2 years
- Held the position of Chief Editor for a leading journal of humanities
- Was the member of her university debate team where she participated in and won lots of internationa

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