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Profile: Passionate about health, fitness and well-being, Abby is an accomplished, recognized, fitness expert who prides herself on understanding her clients and their individual needs.

Abby’s philosophy is very simple; using exercise science, tailored across multiple disciplines, Abby challenges your body whilst maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Abby will step by step, through bespoke exercise and nutrition advise, deliver outstanding results.

If you are looking to lose weight, shape/tone, improve overall fitness or training for a specific event, simply put, Abby is your best asset to maximize your success. A highly motivated individual, who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and join exercises you find most challenging, coupled with a compassionate soul who will pick you up from the lows and celebrate your highs.

Abby Lam is a specialist in TRX Suspension, Pilates, CrossFit Training, CrossFit Mobility, FMS Level 1 & 2, Pre/Post Natal Fitness, Aqua Fitness, and Sports Massage, however at 5’2” and 96lbs, if you are 6’2” and 220lbs please don’t ask her for kickboxing practice…. (she might just win). Welcomes both indoor and outdoor personal training, flexible hours and early starts.

Accreditation: AASFP, HKBU, TRX®, Polestar® Pilates, CrossFit®, FMS™. Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Contact: Mobile: 9733 8324, Email: [email protected]

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More than just Talented
It's just coincidence that after my star trainer and good friend returned to Shanghai, Abby just so happened to be personal training in my building gym that week. I was looking for someone very different so as not to draw comparisons - Abby was the polar opposite from Tom.

Abby's exercise portfolio, enthusiastic approach and attention to form are true strengths, she will push you harder, working together to achieve your goals (exercises I find the hardest she does with me!) the results have been outstanding (by others admission). If your looking to shake things up, a different perspective, variety on your exercise routine or just looking to use that precious workout time more efficiently, Abby truly sets herself apart from the majority, in my experience comes highly recommended.

I am training with Abby since beginning 2014 and I am really happy to do so. Abby is extremely dedicated and motivates you to overcome your internal "borders" and to push yourself harder. All in a pleasant and positive atmosphere. I could never do alone what I do with Abby. Go ahead and have a test training.

Fitness/Post-Natal Training Expert!
I've been training with Abby for a little over 2 years now, after I gave birth to my 2nd child. It was my 2nd C-section so I was quite helpless back then. Luckily I met Abby who's super patient, diligent, knowledgable, creative and a lot of fun to work with! Abby always tailor makes exercises for me that push me to the limits and over. Her clients' safety and goals are always her top priority, and she makes every second and every drop of sweat count!

It has been so effective that my 2 other friends decided to join, now the 3 of us train together once per week. Abby's creativity and hardwork ensures that we never get bored by repeating the same exercises over and over again: TRX, dumb bells, yoga matts plus each others' bodyweight, she always comes up with new yet efficient exercises for us to try. Every week I'm looking forward to some new challenges!

Abby's always flexible regarding time and locations, she comes to the gym in my clubhouse and sometimes (especially in the winter) we train in HK Park near my office, the flexibility suits me well as I can't make it to the fixed training classes at regular gyms outside.

I'd highly recommend Abby to anyone who's looking for a fitness expert in HK, especially new moms who're desperate to get back in shape for bikinis!

Abby our trainer
My daughter and I have been training with Abby since last year. Our lessons are fine and enjoyable. Abby always encourages us to try harder each time and she tailors the exercises to our needs and capabilities. We feel that we have improved a lot since the beginning, yet still a long way to go!

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Contagious Positivity and Energy
Have been training with Abby in a group environment since Feb 2015. Her positive vibe motivated all in the group to give that extra needed 10% to finish the sets. She is very particular in the form of the exercises which helped me a lot as that little bit of reminder is extremely helpful especially near the end of the training session. And she is very creative in terms of workout routines. Since we are training as a group, there are lots of 2-person workout routines with pyramid plank to be one of the hardest yet the most memorable.

Her routines mostly consist of full body exercises with focus on the core. We did not have any fancy equipment but only resistance bands. Even only with our own body weight and these resistance bands, I can feel the effectiveness of the training the day after.

Highly recommend Abby if you are looking for 1on1 session or for a group. Cannot go wrong with such positive and energetic trainer whose focus is always to motivate you to go beyond what you want to do.

Enthusiastic and Excellent fitness trainer
I have been joining fitness training with Abby since 2015, I have increased my core and leg strength. This leads to better balance and stability on doing other sports and daily activities. Training session includes creative and innovative workout routines and training programs. I am always sore after every session, but my weekly session is something I look forward after long day of work.

Abby’s the perfect mix of tough and encouraging, and can help anyone of all fitness levels. She places a high value on correct form and efficiency with each exercise. She is passionate about fitness and knowledgeable in her profession. Beyond all that, she is a blast to hang out with.

Monica Raitt
Abby has been my personal trainer for more than a year! I am not a workout person at all throughout my life. I never thought that I would continue the weekly session for this long. Thanks to Abby's diligent and attentive work that I truly enjoy the session Abby designs for me. She is highly competitive , extremely friendly and shows great passion in her coaching. Abby brought out the strength in me and over the months my shape and form are getting better. Thanks to Abby for her great job!

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