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Daniel Baci of http://www.dbaciphotography.com is an American-Italian Destination wedding photographer and videographer in Thailand, based in Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi he is know as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Thailand by prestigious wedding site Junebug Weddings, his talent and passion in capturing your most special moments has made his services highly sought-after all over Thailand and in other parts of the globe as well. Together with his team of skilled and talented photographers and videographers, they deliver images that are high quality in terms of creativity, and photos that capture the genuine emotions and moods of your event. About 35% of Daniel's business is residents of Hong Kong and Daniel also calls Hong Kong his 2nd home!. He describes his photographic, visual style as a combination of documentary photography, fine art photography, and portraiture, and it is very evident in his portfolio how he is able to weave together a compelling series of photographs that make for an excellent and elegant retelling of the wedding, capturing not only the fine details but also incorporating the beauty of the scenery that surrounds his subjects. He is a member of Fearless Photographers and has been featured in several international wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Polka Dot Weddings, Wedding Chicks and much more. Coming from a family of artists, he is born with a natural, artistic eye. He is inspired by sunsets and have captured many beautiful wedding photos that highlight this wondrous natural phenomenon, translating that beautiful warm glow into stunning, unforgettable photographs. Daniel likes to work discreetly and behind the scenes, so his clients can fully bask in the moment without any interference and also so that he can capture candid moments successfully, with a natural quality. The ballpark rates for his range of wedding photography services are between USD$700 to USD$2500, and depending on your wedding’s needs and requirements he can provide you with a rate that’s most appropriate to those. For his videography services, they personally and professionally edit the video footage, creating an all-encompassing visual and sound narrative that includes your entire wedding celebration from start to finish, and captured by various cameras to ensure that no special moment is missed! He offers packages for 4, 6, 8 and 8-12 hours of video, suitable for your event’s needs. He has captured videos of all types of weddings such as Western, Thai, Muslim, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, and more. As a wedding photographer in Thailand, Daniel also offers a range of additional services that can make your wedding photography and videography extra special, such as aerial drone/cinematography for those scintillating aerial shots of your ceremony and also highlighting the natural beauty of the scenery; sunset-sunrise timelapse for some dramatic footage under the glistening sun; wedding albums if you’d like to print your photos in a professional and presentable way; photobooth rentals for your wedding reception, and many more. Daniel understands that weddings can be very expensive, that’s why he and his team offers a pay-in-installment arrangement for couples who are more conscious of their budgets. Small payment increments can be sent even before the wedding via Paypal or bank transfers. To learn more about Daniel Baci’s work and his rates, you may contact him directly for bookings using the details provided below. More about Daniel – In his own words. I come from a family of artists, my father was a professional photographer & videographer for over 10 years, I remember growing up and watching him cut video with a razor from film and develop photographs in a red room. My mother never worked in the creative fields but if you ask her to draw you something she would blow your mind with her born talent and I always wondered why she was never into it maybe that is where I get my business mind from. My aunt (mothers sister) has a very successful crafting business where she hand makes all types of stuff, my sister is the super artist in the family she is just great at everything, photography, painting, drawing, crafts, you name it and she is good at it. My grandmother loves oil painting as a hobby, beautiful landscape painting is her thing and the list goes on and on so I feel like I was born to do this, born to make a difference in peoples life’s because that is what I love to do with my art!.. As you can see through my work I love to tell a story, its important to have this for your event, wedding or family portraits. Everything needs a beginning, a middle, and a end but its also the little details that you may not notice on your special day thats what I love to add. As a Phuket based Photographer & Videographer I have gained many years of experience in weddings, events, adverts, documentaries and short films from Koh Samui, Krabi, Bangkok and Phuket. I share the same passion for video as I do photography, one’s just a still image and the other is moving. Follow me:


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DBaciImages

and INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/thebaci

See my profile on http://www.destinationweddingdirectory.co/

Video: You wont see too much of my wedding videos look like a movie trailer, just natural and FUN just the way you remembered it!, though I love the cinematography and think it puts the icing on the cake with the beautiful sliding, staged & steadicam shots. I would like to think my work has a very personal touch to it, a documentary approach, I like to get really involved with my subjects and I try really hard to recreate the real emotion of the wedding day in my films.The Baci Weddings We cover Phuket, Ko Samui, Krabi, Lanta, Khoa Lak, Hua Hin Weddings or anywhere throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Bali & Singapore.

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