By:Kirstykoo, October 20, 2016
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!All Round Movers - Low Cost 69937169
All around Movers gave us the most competitive quote by far to move from Mid-Levels to DB.
They provided all the boxes & tape for us to pack everything up & arrived early on the day of our move. We had three guys who shifted all our things quickly & carefully. We were pleased that not a single item was broken or damaged in the move.
I am not sure who I was dealing with via Whatsapp to make all the arrangements but his/her English was very good & they replied promptly whenever I contacted them! The guys who came to move the stuff were super! One had better English than the other but given I'm a monolingual Brit I make no criticisms there and we didn't have any issue communicating with them!
Highly recommended ARM for speed, care & price!