By:feib, July 28, 2015
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ABBY LAM - Your Personal Trainer
Have been training with Abby in a group environment since Feb 2015. Her positive vibe motivated all in the group to give that extra needed 10% to finish the sets. She is very particular in the form of the exercises which helped me a lot as that little bit of reminder is extremely helpful especially near the end of the training session. And she is very creative in terms of workout routines. Since we are training as a group, there are lots of 2-person workout routines with pyramid plank to be one of the hardest yet the most memorable.

Her routines mostly consist of full body exercises with focus on the core. We did not have any fancy equipment but only resistance bands. Even only with our own body weight and these resistance bands, I can feel the effectiveness of the training the day after.

Highly recommend Abby if you are looking for 1on1 session or for a group. Cannot go wrong with such positive and energetic trainer whose focus is always to motivate you to go beyond what you want to do.