Tung Chung and social life / transport

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    Tung Chung and social life / transport

    Hi all. Hopefully moving soon and have been looking at apartments in DB and Tung Chung. Liked the apartments in Tung Chung but am a bit worried about the fact that the MTR stops at 1ish and therefore getting back after nights out in LKF... Certainly wouldn't want to turn into some kind of cinderella leaving at midnight each night

    Does the airport express run all night and if so, does anyone know how frequent they are?

    Also, if anyone else can suggest any other areas would be grateful. No commute as would work from home and ease of access to the airport would be top priority. Couple of people have suggested looking at the newer developments on the Kowloon side but even a relatively small place looks pretty expensive. Ideally would like to pay less than $20K, and need a min 2 beds (700+sqf preferably)

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    You don't need to depend solely on the MTR at all. The E11 (N11) at night goes from Causeway Bay via Central to Tung Chung for a fraction of the price the Airport Express costs.

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    Thanks Elle - do you happen to know rough taxi prices from Central to TC? Someone has told me about $250...

    Certainly wouldn't mind paying that a couple of times a week if necessary especially when living out there would save me in the region of $10K a month

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