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    Oops HKNewbie, I accidentally deleted your last msg. Sorry.

    You can get an electric oven from Fortress. We still use ours for roasts and casseroles.

    Also, is Million City on Elign St? I had a friend who lived there a few years ago and her flat and few others were broken into. It doesn't help if you have a restaurant on the 1st floor and people are wandering in at all hours.


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    Thanks for the advice Rani. Yes that's the building... on Elgin. Glad you told me!
    Have narrowed it down to one of two places. One that I would be much happier with and the other that my company would be much happier with!!
    Will have to keep my fingers crossed and see who wins out!
    And yes, I think an electric oven would be great but I think if I got one, it would have to end up in the spare room or living room depending on which flat I end up with!!!
    By the way, I saw that you guys occasionally do a girls night out. Is there one coming up? Would be lovely to hook up with some people for a drink.

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    Hi, my husband and I have been in HK for two years and moved to DB about 3 months ago. We loved living in Central, but found that the rents were so high and the houses were so small, we just had to consider something else. Although we weren't excited by the prospect of the ferry and were nervous about the social scene, ability to make new friends etc., I found it was exactly the opposite. The ferry runs very regularly, and you come to think of it as simply a bus ride into a major city. We lived in the suburbs of Seattle and took the subway into town, so this is no different for us.

    My husband works in town, but I find that I go in about 3-4 times per week for shopping, to see other friends etc. We usually go out for dinner or movies on friday and saturday, and with the new IFC movie theater, it's very convenient.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of lfe and the social scene here. Although I've only been here 3 months or so, I met lots of nice people (mostly American, Australian & British expats) and find that people out here are much friendlier than on the island (perhaps because it is more isolated) and very welcoming to new arrivals. We have BBQs with friends, lots of play-dates for our kids (we have two toddlers)

    IN summary, we really love Disco Bay. If I were single I probably wouldn't like it, but I think it's great for families. I think it makes me appreciate HK more than before, because we have the best of all worlds-- a great house, a great environment for our kids, good social scene, and the opportunity to get into the city easily. IMHO, it's better to be free in the "country" and make the trek into town than feel suffocated in the city and make a trek to the "country". Good luck in your search!

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    Discovery Bay vs Mid-Levels

    Those interested in DB should really compare Park Island, which is quite similar in many aspects. Better still, Park Island is accessible by 24 hour ferry service from Central ($11 per trip) & Tsuen Wan ($3 per trip) and shuttle bus to nearby MTR stations. The management office has imposed very strict security control. The housing project is from a leading developer, SHK Properties, with amazing landscapping and designs, 2 club-houses with full facilities at inexpensive fees, including an indoor swimming pool, etc. etc. and even a bowling hall. Amenities in the Island are self-sufficient, with small restaurants and shops at the neighboring re-built village and also a shopping mall being built close to the housing estate.
    You may contact any property agents or simply check geoexpat classifieds for your ideal units, some of which come with sea view and balcony.