getting to Tung Chung late night

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    getting to Tung Chung late night


    can anyone please tell me that whats the chepest way to come from central to Tung Chung after teh MTR stops at 12 am.

    Is there any overnight bus service which runs to TC? or any other way?

    i was thinkgi taking ferry to DB and then taking their bus service to TC station... would this work ? any other better ideas?

    offcourse these do not include taking a cab to TC which would cost around 330 hk$.

    Thanks !!

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    there is an all night bus service. CTB N11 $31 - departs every 30 mins- Stops -

    1. Connaught Road West, beside Shun Tak Centre
    2. Connaught Road Central, outside Shun Tak Centre
    3. Des Voeux Road, outside Vicwood Plaza
    4. Des Voeux Road Central, outside Unicon Trade Centre
    5. Des Voeux Road Central, outside Wing Lung Bank Building
    6. Des Voeux Road Central, outside Statue Square, opposite to HSBC Headquarters
    7. Queensway, outside United Centre, opposite to Pacific Place
    8. No.68-76, Hennessy Road, outside Sun Hey Mansion
    9. Hennessy Road, outside House No.163
    10. No. 245-251, Hennessy Road, outside Success Commercial Building
    ( You are here)

    11. Hennessy Road, outside Hennessy Court and Ying Lee Mansion
    12. Hennessy Raod, near Wan Chai Fire Station
    13. Yee Wo Street, outside Hong Kong Mansion
    14. Tung Lo Wan Road, opposite to St Paul's Convent School and St Paul's Hospital
    15. Hong Chong Road, outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    16. 4 Jordan Road, outside Kowloon Union Church
    17. outside House no. 26A, Jordan Road
    18. Jordan Road, outside Ho Kwan Building
    19. Jordan Road, opposite to City Golf Club
    20. Lantau Link, towards Lantau Island, near Toll Plaza
    21. near Tung Chung Fire Station
    22. opposite to Tung Chung Crescent

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