Looking for village house tung chung

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    Exclamation Looking for village house tung chung

    I am moving to Tung Chung. I however do not want to live in the high rise flats and am looking for a village house in the outer villages of tung chung. Does anyone have any information as i know you can not look
    with and agent.

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    gohome.com.hk has some listed.

    Not sure why you're not allowed to look with an agent. (I assume because its illegal to rent them??)

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    Perhaps he/she does not want to pay the agents their commission...Nothing wrong with that at all.

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    It is not that itis a well known fact that the village
    houses are let mainly direct by owners. It is a local thing.
    Or so i have been told. I have lloked at that site but it
    is mainly flats.
    Thanks for helping tho.

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    We're looking for village house to rent in Tung Chung or Tsuen Wan Area...can't find any!!