Short-term rental in Tung Chung

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    Short-term rental in Tung Chung

    Hi All,

    My sister and Mum are coming to Hong Kong for a visit and would like to rent a flat for approximately 2 weeks. We live in the Caribbean Coast, so this would be our preferrred, but Coastal Skyline or others would also be OK.

    The dates are October 29 - November 18. They don't have to rent for this entire time, but 1-2 weeks would be great. They are both very cleany and tidy people !

    Plesae contact me on [email protected] if you know of any flats, or, want to rent your flat out.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Doubt you'd get a flat for two weeks in that area, Have you tried the Novotel?

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    Naomi, you won't find that kind of rental in those developments. This is a residential area, not really a visitor's area.

    For 2 weeks, I suppose they'd be sightseeing anyway, so staying in Kowloon would'nt be too inconvenient.