living in DiscoBay as a single/20s

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    living in DiscoBay (or Lamma) as a single/20s

    im thinking of moving to Discovery Bay cuz the pollution and congestion of the city is just getting too much for me...

    i know DB is generally for families/couples so i was wondering what its like to live there if your young and single? is there is a large single community of people there? im 24 and a female.

    otherwise, is lamma a better option for young singles?

    i know theres a thread about single ppl in DB but its kinda old so would appreciate any up to date news...thanks!

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    i would choose DB over Lamma. better ferry service, if during typhoon 8 you cant catch the last ferry, you can still get to DB by going through tung chung and to db through the tunnel. More restaurants and bars at DB plaza. 1/2 hr to central. I have a few single friends living out there and they say its great during the weekends relaxing on the balcony and looking out while reading a book or recovering from the night before in Wanchai. LOL

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    Agree that there are way more couples/families in DBay, as is self-evident. However, it can't be hard to develop a social circle with other singles of the same age group, guess this forum is one way to meet them!

    I am 26, male and moved here 8 months ago after growing up on HK Island where all or most of my friends are so my social circles are still downtown. As a result I don't spend all that much time in DBay, but if I do then I'll find myself making lots of friends here and same would go for you.
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