Ma Wan

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    Ma Wan

    Can anyone comment on living in Ma Wan? Good or bad area? Noisy or not? Nice environment or the otherwise? Thanks.

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    in my home

    i mean ... great. would you like to take over my lease for me?

    in all seriousness, it has its ups and downs.
    when i first moved there...there was a lot more ups, and now theres too many downs.

    a few years ago it was relatively quiet, and not too too crowded. Now it has become a tourist pit, so that it is impossible to enjoy a quiet weekend on the beach, or a leisurely stroll around the front facilities. theres literally thousands of tourists on the weekend coming to look at the "amazing" ma wan park and noah arch. both of which are the worst attractions i have ever seen in HK, and both of which are a complete waste of space for such a small island.

    they keep adding more and more residential buildings, but not enough restaurants (or at least no good restaurants). the park n shop started as a cubby hole, and has no become mid size, but still is way over crowded, long check out lines, not enough cashiers, and typically small selection of food (although its getting better?)

    the transportation is getting annoying too, as the tsing yi bus is 200% full every single time. the other ferrys and buses arent as bad, but just bothering me that i have to follow such a rigid schedule.

    other then that, i love the pools, the "fresh" air, the quietness during weekdays. i will be moving out at some point over the next few weeks once i find a new place and cancel my contract. pm me if you are interested in taking over my i am serious about that.