hi there! i am kinda new to Tung Ching and was looking to open an english learning centre in CC phase 2, i ahve looked for rent at a place and it seems to be pretty high! but i thought to myself there are 11 blocks of flats here so i could bring in enough students to keep the place alive.

so here is my plan, i want to open an english learning centre for children which will have playgroups for the really little ones, basic english for the beginners all the way up to as much as you want to learn. so basicly it will be covering all levels.
at the moment i am working in an english learning centre in Yuen Long and want it to be simular to it. take a look at the website and see what you then then drop me a reply or pm about your thoughts. (in the video on the website is my sister and my good friend from the uk, hopfully i will be bringing him to teach here)

website is: Smartyland