food delivery help!!!

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    food delivery help!!!

    Hi there everyone!

    I have a question about food delivery here in Tung Chung.

    Do you know any western restaurants (greek, german, italian etc.)which deliver to Tung Chung?

    Would be great not to have to cook all the time..

    Mainly healthy food something which is not dripping in fat, ready salads, cooked food, soups aso...

    I know about Pizza Hut, Spagetti House aso..what about subway? are they delivering as well??

    Thank you for your help

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    there is a pizza express at the old village near the Yat Tung Estate. And a Indian restaurant but not sure if they'd do the food delivery

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    Handi (Indian) does home delivery.

    Very tasty but not particular healthy since most dishes have thick gravy but once a while is fine.

    Here is their website: HANDI. INDIAN RESTAURANT