cat sitter/part time helper needed

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    cat sitter/part time helper needed

    We are surching a reliable cat sitter/helper for our lovely 2 turkish angora cats for mid-end of april but also for the future since we are both working and want our cats to be happy...must be a trustworthy person and a cat lover..

    If someone interested please PM me!

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    Hello Globaltraveler,
    What exactly would the job entail? Where exactly in Tung Chung are you located? If you don't mind my asking. My other half is away often and when I am not traveling with him I have a little spare time on my hands. I love cats and all animals for that matter, but my partner is very allergic to fur, especially cats! So I am unable to have any pets of my own. I have owned cats in the past and enjoy being around them very much. I am currently in Tung Chung and will most likely be here through April. I am in and out of Hong Kong, but as I mentioned when I am not traveling I do have a little spare time. Hope to hear from you! Oh and just in case you were wondering lol I'm a 23 year old California native. Cheers!