Coastal Skyline - no-pets policy, right?

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    Coastal Skyline - no-pets policy, right?

    I know I could ask the management office but I want to get a sense of what really goes on...

    I thought Coastal Skyline was a no-pets development, while Carribbean Coast allowed pets. Does Coastal Skyline have a no-pets policy still in place?

    Someone has just moved in next door to us with a terrier dog. I didn't think this was allowed here. I like the peace of a yap-free environment and if this dog turns out to be a yappy dog I will be mightily pissed off. It was one of the reasons we chose CS over CC.

    I have seen people in the lifts before 'smuggling' dogs out for walks in carry bags, so I know some people do have them here.

    What's the go? Is this still officially not allowed? If it turns out the dog is a nightmare, what can we do? I'm happy to turn a blind eye and live-and-let-live as long as the dog doesn't disturb us, but if it makes a lot of noise I won't be so happy.

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    If its noise you are worried about, I have had friends and colleagues complain about: late night piano playing, thumping ?football, screaming kids, loud TV etc......

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    On a larger scale it's also issues of cleanliness of the estate I guess. But right now specifically, it's noise that I'm worried about. The previous occupants next door had a kid who played piano occasionally, but it didn't bother me. Yappy dogs however, really grate on me. We are fortunate that the soundproofing is pretty good here, and we haven't been bothered by thumping, screaming kids (only our own!!!), football etc. One neighbour plays cantopop pretty loud but you only hear it if you are outside the flat.

    I just want to clarify about what the policy is, and if others have problems with neighbours having pets.

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    It is a no pet policy. I smuggled my cat in but he doesn't make any noise and figured nobody would be the wiser. Dog's are a big no no and I would be pissed if there was one yapping, one of the reasons I moved out of CC. If it is a nuisance just file a noise complaint with the management office. Actually the only noise are the screaming kids across the hall from me, otherwise very peaceful.

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    Thanks. So far so good today and I have not heard the dog. When they were moving in we did hear it, so I will see how it goes. Cats are much more flat-friendly animals, they don't need to be taken for walks etc and are usually quite happy and quiet in their own space. I guess I will just see how it goes and complain if it becomes a problem. Cheers.

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    is it a no dog policy or no pets policy?
    the cat comes in the no pet policy too right?
    could be your cat that i can see from my balcony then!!

    i find it absurd that they have these policies at there are always people who "smuggle" their pets anyways..its like an open secret!

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    Why worry about it now? It seems to me that you're working yourself up over something that may never happen. If you can't hear the dog, then you can relax. If the dog is yapping you have cause for complaint irrespective of the pets policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katiedot:
    It seems to me that you're working yourself up over something that may never happen.
    I said " I guess I will just see how it goes and complain if it becomes a problem". I really don't think that counts as "working myself up".