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    Health Insurance

    I will be moving to Hong Kong in a few months time. My boyfriend has got a job and working visa. He also has been given Health and Dental Insurance as part of the package.

    I however - will come over and look for work but it is looking unlikely that I will be able to get a job with my qualifications and work experience.

    I was wondering what I can do about Medical Insurance when I am over there. Can you register with doctors and pay per session and prescription?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Doctors are not too expensive, around HK$150-250 per visit including medication if you go to the local estate doctors as oposed to the expensive Central doctors. You can visit any doctor you wish and many people tend to have 2, one cheap local GP for the everyday complaints and one expensive specialist for the more serious problems which you would charge to your insurance.

    Unless you have an ID card and qualify as a resident you will need to pay a fortune for any hospital treatment so insurance is a must in this case.

    You can check out my article for some more info.

    There are so many options available depending upon the level of cover you wish and if you want cover only for Hong Kong, Asia or Worldwide. Also you can have a plan that will pay 100% for all GP visits or choose a co-payment option which will be cheaper but you will need to pay a percentage or the first US$30-40 for any outpatient visit (per condition).

    Recommended companies that offer very comprehensive levels of cover for Expats for both GP and hospitalisation are Goodhealth (who have an office in Hong Kong), William Russell and Interglobal (both out of the UK). There is also BUPA (which is rather expensive) and AXA PPP.

    I would suggest getting travel insurance to cover you for the first few weeks you are here, this will be good for any emergency treatment and then if you wish you can contact me on [email protected] and I can go through the available options with you in person.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

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    Kevin Thanks very much - you have been a great help to me. I will look into Private Healthcare and will look at the link you suggested.

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