Childrens Reading Glasses

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    Childrens Reading Glasses

    Hi can anyone offer any advice, my 9 year old son has complained of his eyes feeling tired and my wife took him to the optician. The optician has prescribed reading glasses (0.75d and 0.5d) which i think is ridiculous. unfortunately recent experience with HK medical professionals has led me to understand that they are in it for the money and particularly as the recommended glasses were 3000hkd I feel we were being ripped off. However I feel that i need some advice from a professional who cares about patient wellbeing ahead of bucks- anyone got any ideas and anyone heard of a child needing reading glasses.



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    I can highly recommend Polyvision (google for their adresses). Their comprehensive eye exams are reasonably priced and they explain everything to you in details.
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    Hubby got prescribed 0.5d glasses some years back. He wore them for a while and gave up - never wears them now. Not worth it. He thinks it encourages the eye to get lazy as well (his personal view) and he still has 20:20 vision!

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    Maybe you can try LensCrafters. their services are pretty good.