pregnancy insurance

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    pregnancy insurance

    i've learened there's comprehensive expat med insurance, and then there's just specifically pregnancy insurance (not necessarily for expats) which i have but it is singapore specific. and that took nearly a yr to find! seems most standard policies don't include pregnancy so i'd want to get the preg insurnace for hk. anyone know of such a policy?

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    Hi Tex,

    There are several companies offering maternity cover here, all of which will cover you anywhere in the World and are not country specific. As you mention, most companies will not cover maternity under their standard plan but will offer it either as part of their top of the line plan or as an optional extra.

    Cover is usually on a co-pay basis and the level varies from plan to plan.

    There is a standard waiting period of around 12 months, either 12 months before you can make a claim or 12 months before conception depending upon the company. You can get shorter waiting periods but the premiums will tend to be higher.

    The major companies that offer this type of cover in Hong Kong are William Russell, Goodhealth, Interglobal and BUPA and a couple of others. As there are so many different options available, if you want to discuss in more detail drop me a line, [email protected] and I’ll be glad to have a chat with you


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    We've used William Russell and Goodhealth. Both of them are top notch.

    Was disappointed with Bupa on a couple of issues, but then I did deal with the folks in the UK who probably thought Hong Kong was a suburb of Tokyo. (Long story..)