Fertility Vitamins

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    Fertility Vitamins

    Can anyone tell me where to buy fertility vitamins in Hong kong?
    Also can anyone recommend a good female English speaking doctor specialising in fertility / pregnancy?
    Thank you

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    If you are thinking that vitams will make you more fertile , try a fortune teller you'll have better luck ! Please, lets not have another fantasy thread.

    If you need vitamin suppliments because your pregnant then all the drug stores carry them ALLTHOUGH modern advice is just to eat healthily as good food prepared correctly has more effect on the fetus.

    I feel though that because you are asking for an English speaking fertility doctor you may be leaning towards the former. I hope you find one soon who can give you better advice that the person who said that vitamins can help you get pregnant.

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    Boris is correct.

    Also, you should as a first step have a check up by a gynaecologist and get your hormone levels checked. And your partner should get a sperm count done.

    Don't over exercise. If you are a gym junkie, you might find it difficult to get pregnant for various reasons.

    And just relax and let nature take its course.

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    Thanks for the advice Miss Melbourne...much more useful than boris (specialist subject = the obvious)

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    Miss Swiss.

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