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Lasik Touch Ups / Enhancements?

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    Lasik Touch Ups / Enhancements?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm considering getting Lasik and went to the HK Sanitorium today for the exam. The doc said they usually overcorrect when they do the surgery to cover some expected regression. But in my case they don't want to overcorrect, so there's a 50 percent chance my vision will regress in a couple years to the point that I need a touch-up or enhancement. (I have -5.25 and he said it may regress to about -1.)

    Does anyone have any experience with these follow-up procedures or eyesight regression? Are they included in the total cost or would I have to pay the whole thing again? Do you notice your vision worsening in the year or so after lasik? Does it negate the value of doing the procedure?

    Many thanks for all the help,

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    Id suggest going to a place that includes a lifetime guarantee with their services. This isnt to say they guarantee that the procedure will "stick", but that they WILL repeat the procedure if the regression hits a certain point for no charge.

    I had Lasik done (in the US) in August of 2008 and have had no noticeable regression since then. My eyesight was getting pretty bad, and I had (have?) astigmatism in my right eye to the point where they werent sure if I could have the procedure done, initially. Having it done is one of the best decisions ive ever made.

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    There is no "lifetime guarantee" with this. Regression depends on your age. Once you hit 40 apparently or thereabouts your eyesight can deteriorate after the surgery... Mr SS & I had Lasik about 5 years ago. Mr SS has (ahem) passed that 40 milestone a couple of years after the surgery, and he will be needing reading glasses shortly. We were warned that this may happen but at the time we were both wearing glasses full-time and thought it was worth doing. On the other hand my eyesight is still 20/20. My prescription at the time of surgery was -5.5 (blind as a bat!), his was something like -2.0. He is still ok but can tell it is starting to change.

    Edit: not sure I like the sound of "Lasik touch-ups" or "enhancement" - makes me very wary.
    Would also like to add that I was extremely happy with the whole thing, having worn glasses from the age of 6, contacts from the age of 15. Wish I'd done it sooner!

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