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Health insurance in Hong Kong

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    Health insurance in Hong Kong

    Staying on in Hong Kong having arrived when covered by travel insurance. there seems to be a myriad of private health insurance providers in Hong Kong, the usual suspects, any local knowledge, tips, recommendations would be welcome.

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Work for a company that provides it to staff.

    It really comes down to your needs/budget. Most will not cover previous illnesses. So for those you could either pay out of pocket or use your HKID card and go to the public clinics/hospitals.

    Some, such as BUPA, offer total coverage without having to pay anything up front.

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    when I arrived I talked to many oldtimers from all over places, they basically all rely on public clinics and are happy with it.
    HK friends recommended personal accident insurance and I have added travel insurance to it. For the few ailments I have paying a private doctor with my own money is better than paying expensive and ever increasing private health insurance fees

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    I looked into it back in the day. For doctor's visits we worked out that each of us would need to visit a private doctor something like 15-20 times in a year (if I remember correctly) to get our money back versus just paying for it when we needed it. Didn't seem worth it. You can of course go to a public clinic for routine doctors visits - from a medical point of view the public clinics are just as good if not better but you have to queue so we usually go to a private clinic nearby just to save time. For major things like operations we just use the public health system.

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