Looking for hopitals and doctors in HK

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    Looking for hopitals and doctors in HK

    My wife and I are moving to HK and also expecting a child in the spring.

    Can people recommend a good OBGYN, from experience or who they heard was good?

    What do people think of these hospitals below:

    - Adventist
    - HK Baptist
    - Matilda
    - Canossa

    I heard beds fill up fast in HK, is that true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Please check Geobaby.com for pregnancy information

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    Fo Tan

    We used Dr. Sally Ferguson and Matilda Hospital. Both wonderful.
    Beds at Matilda are scarce, so you have to reserve early.

    But Oldtimer is right, there is a ton of info at geobaby--ob gyns, hospitals, public v. private, costs, etc....