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Spinal Surgery Recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobRoy:
    I dont think any physio specializes like this. Send me a PM if you want a name for a good physio in Central but he is expensive (so is Dr Leung)
    Everything in Central is expensive!

    After my fusions I only visited a physio once. There was nothing she showed me that was not available online like basic core strengthening, and can be done at home, with the only accesories being a large inflateable ball and a rubber band. (Saved a lot of $1,100 sessions not covered by insurance)

    Alot of the exercises can be done on the ball while watching TV.

    Probably does not need to be said but consider surgery as an absolute last resort. The recovery is long and uncomfortable, (doctor speak for painful), and insurance does not even come close to what the OR will charge.

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    Thx so much for your insights. I appreciate it.

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    Hi all,

    So happy to have found this thread.
    I recently got an MRI for something unrelated and found out I have spondylolisthesis, meaning one of my vertebrae has shifted forward. Definitely shocking but apparently not uncommon. I don't actually have any symptoms yet although it's possible I've had it over 30 years.

    I saw Dr. Mak Kin Cheung, who I like enough, he suggested fusion surgery as a preventative measure to stop it worsening...I see his point but not sure I want to start tinkering with my spine. I'm in my 40s and pretty active.

    I'm hoping to get a second opinion too, maybe Dr. Clarence Leung or Dr. Raymond Yip?

    Has anyone here got a similar condition?
    If you've had surgery, did it work? Does having surgery possibly lead the way to maybe more down the line?

    Thanks for any advice/ tips.

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