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Good, reasonably priced dermatologist

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmRa6
    You could try Dr. Wai at Vio & Partners in World Wide House. While he is a GP, I was recommended to him as a dermatologist and found he is excellent for various specific dermatological problems. Obviously not a face skin specialist though so Im not sure if he could help you. He speaks good English and will patiently explain the problem and solution. He is also pretty cheap, $400 if I remember correctly but its better to call and check. He is not money minded as 1 time he just took a quick look and sent me on my way without charge!
    Hi, could you please share the full name of Dr Wai? I can't find his information online, as the page of Dr Vio & Partners doesn't have a Dr Wai.

    Thank you so much!!

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    Sorry I made a mistake saying World Wide House.
    He is at Dr. Vio on the 3rd floor of New World Tower II. 2521-3302
    I think his full name is Dr. Wai Nai Pong.
    He usually only comes in at 5pm and is not there the rest of the day.

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    You could try
    DR MIMI M CHANG at Prestige Medical Skin & Laser Centre

    She was up until a few weeks ago the head of dermatology at CUHK/PoW. Still has a bedside manner of a public doctor - wants to get you better not extract your money but that may soon wear off...

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    This is a bit of a late post but I recently encountered really bad skin flareup after my pregnancy. I have been to numerous doctors (so called 'good dermatologists') recommended by friends, where I was given steroid shots, oral steroids, steroid creams etc. You name it, I've most likely have tired it. These did nothing but actually aggravated my skin more, making it more sensitive, flushed and sore.
    I also tried Chinese medicine (which completely went haywire... spent more time in the toilet than in bed).

    Finally a relative recommended me this doctor, whom he saw personally years and years back, when he was an adolescent. He told me he's surprised this doctor isn't even retired yet!

    I booked an appt. and couldn't believe what a friendly and caring doctor he was. He told me to stay off any 'steroid' related things, and to just keep things simple. He gave me a bunch of meds and by day 3, what I had for 4 months (on my face - eczema/rosacea type symptom) has nearly disappeared.

    I don't know how to spread words of him, so I am posting his details here. Please don't lose hope if you have bad skin, it's curable. Go see this doctor, really, he's amazing!
    Copied his details below.

    Kong On Tai Clinic

    Address Room 601, Champion Building, 301-309 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon
    Champion Building Doctors list

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    Hello, Can i know how much his consultation fee?

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    can you please post the name of the Doctor?
    the link shows a number of different doctors.

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    Mix water and dandelion root extract . Then put it on the acne or hyperpigmentation area for
    The result is promising !!

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    Not recommended for dr kong

    Similar to the patient above as I have persistent skin problems over 6 months and visited dr Kong at champion house based on the recommendation above in hope that the medication will solve my problem. It unfortunately did not solve my problems after repeated visits and a lot of medications.

    I have to to say this might not be for everyone for reasons below:
    1. As he is a gp practising as dermatologist so if you are claiming for insurance, you can only claim a portion of the fees for GP and not as a specialist and this GP is not exactly cheap. Expect a bill of 1k to 2k each visit.
    2. The doctor will prescribe a generic mix of medications which includes vitamins, antibiotics and anti fungals and cream so do expect to take 10 or more so medication for weeks.
    3. Whereas I do not mind taking the medications and giving this doctor a try, but its the attitude of the counter nurses which put me off and I will not return again.

    Visiting the doctor generally takes long time for the wait, however waiting for the nurses to prepare the medication sometimes take longer. which is fine if you are prepare for it.

    What turned my experience bad was that on a call to the nurses to enquire what are the antibiotics Im taking as I have some allergy and would like to know what are the antibiotics I can take, I was met with extremely rude attiude. First they asked me to refer to the package but I have already thrown it away. They said they can reveal over the phone and I need to make a trip down which I did. The trip resulted in an hour long wait at the clinic again as they said they cant write down for me the name of antibiotics I took , it was on the packet. So I ended having to wait for the doctor. The doctor did write down eventually names of the antibiotics taken however as per most normal people I doubt most of us read a doctors handwriting well or unfamiliar names of it. When I enquire with the nurses again if he could clarify 2 out of 4 of the names wrote, I was met with very rude attitude which is basically what I been experiencing the whole time at clinic, but this time the nurses said, arent you educated in English? Cant you read English? Thats an F! I cant believed the experience I encountered just trying to enquire the names of medications I took.
    Im still contemplating making a complaint to the nurses board in Hk for unprofessional conduct.

    So so if you are looking to pay big bucks, Im sure you be very welcome at the clinic just expect some wait and maybe no service. Depends on each, your problem might or might not be solved. Mine sure didnt.

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