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Proctology Specialist in Hong Kong

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    Unhappy Proctology Specialist in Hong Kong

    Hello Friends,

    I am suffering from ANAL FISTULA disease.

    I have BUPA CARD - HEALTHNET which is covering my consulation of GP and specialist as well.

    My problem is that I am unable to find the any PROCTOLOGY SPECIALIST.

    BUPA Card app doesn't have any option of PROCTOLOGY specialist in the list.

    I have also called BUPA customer care but they said there no PROCTOLOGY specialist in the network.

    My story: When I start feeling this problem, I went to GP, this GP referred me to Neurosurgeon, this Neurosurgeon referred me to another doctor saying I need PROCTOLOGY specialist.

    Today, I just visited him and he said "I am not PROCTOLOGY specialist" and can't treat your case. His nurse told me he is colorectal surgeon and I told her colorectal surgeon and proctologist is just same but still nurse deny saying this doctor not doing this type of surgery.
    Note: This doctor not even seeing me, it just reading the referral letter and stuck on PROCTOLOGY word written in there.

    Now, don't ask me that if he is not PROCTOLOGY specialist then why Neurosurgeon send me to this doctor...because I am also asking same question to myself.

    Now, I am looking for PROCTOLOGY specialist which cover the in the BUPA if possible or if not covered also fine but keep in mind fees should not too much.

    By the way, I have also consulted the public hospital and they also refer me to their specialist which wiil give me the appointment after 14 days which I don't prefer to wait because we should not wait too much in ANAL FISTULA otherwise it can be more worse.

    I don't know what to do now.

    Please advice me some PROCTOLOGY specialist which have good experience, cover in BUPA or not so much costly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Alternatively, the public healthcare system can refer you to a private clinic where such a service is available (not sure if covered under your bupa policy). A friend recently had to do a Ultasound Abdomen (without insurance) and was provided with a list of clinics where he could do this with the referral letter.

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    Not sure how Bupa works, but if you need a referral letter to see in-network or out-of -network specialists did you try asking your GP for a referral letter to a general surgery specialist that specializes in colorectal diseases? Alternatively, if you google your condition + surgery + hong kong there are a few options of specialists you can call. Call their offices and see if they need a referral letter. There is a clinic called the Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgery Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui that I was referred to last year for another issue that may be able to help you, but they are not cheap.

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    why india? all i think of is the colour brown.

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    This surgeon will sort you out once you have referral. BUPA paid for mine with him.

    Hong Kong Surgical Specialists

    Good luck with the post op daily dressing changes, very "uncomfortable" in Doctor's lingo!

    P.S. As above, this will not be cheap.

    P.P.S. The only other proctologist I know is my sodding HSBC bank manager.

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    Hong Kong

    If I ever start a heavy metal band I'm going to call it "Anal Fistula"

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    The alternative is

    Excellent doctors and dentists there at a massive discount to HK.