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Access to Epipens in China

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    Access to Epipens in China

    My son is currently travelling in China and has a severe (anaphylactic) reaction to Peanuts - unfortunately he has managed to lose both of his Epipens and is struggling to source replacement ones.Can anyone advise as to what the process is for getting Epipens in China, also if I was able to source them from Hong Kong and mail to his hostel, what would be the likelihood of them getting there - are there restrictions on what you can send from HK to China, there are from the UK to China?Any help/advice greatly appreciated,Am a rather worried dad at the moment.

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    Likely quickest way is to courier it to him. All the best.

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    This thread / post may be of help to you:

    ( Paging @Flat Hunter )

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    We supply Jext adrenalin autoinjectors from the UK. They are registered in HK but not in China so ppl are buying them here and then sending them via the unofficial import channels/hand carrying into China. Unfortunately that doesn't help you. Sending them by courier might work depending on the customs declaration / import duty etc. Can he come to HK? No Doctors prescription required in HK as they are registered as OTC.

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