Dental Veneers - finding the right dentist

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    Question Dental Veneers - finding the right dentist


    My front four teeth are set of veneers which I got when I was 24 years old. Today, I’m 30. My veneers are well intact and in super condition.

    However, I’m not happy anymore with the way it makes me look - veneers make it look fake, I do not laugh whole-heartedly. I fear getting my candid photos clicked. It is like living with a botox’d face.

    On my thorough research, I realised I cannot get rid of my veneers because I may have lost the dental enamel, which will cause ultra tooth sensitivity.

    Under such circumstances, I wanted to reach out to the community who faced similar situation like me who are not happy with their veneer setup.

    my question is:

    1. Which is the preferred dentist in HK for veneers?
    2. Is veneer replacement (may fall under cosmetic dentistry) covered by insurance in HK?
    3. Is it true that Central, HK dentists are more expensive VS other dentists across other parts of HK?

    Looking forward to know your experiences?

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    Too expensive in HK. Fly to Manila for that. Google Dr. Tripon.

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    1. No idea
    2. Usually dentals are excluded unless it's an emergency
    3. Yes, generally everything based in Central is more expensive than in other parts like TST. But if you are not local you'll probably be happier with a doctor based in Central.