Pure Yoga/Fitness refuses to offer suspension fee waiver amid the spread of novel coronavirus

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    Angry Pure Yoga/Fitness refuses to offer suspension fee waiver amid the spread of novel coronavirus

    This petition is for all members of Pure International in Hong Kong to join.

    The Government of the HKSAR has advised the public to minimise social interactions in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus in Hong Kong. Civil servants are being asked to work from home, and many public places such as libraries, swimming pools and public gyms are temporarily closed.

    Meanwhile, the largest gym/yoga center in Hong Kong, Pure International, while insisting that their gyms and yoga centers must continue to operate even amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, strictly demands their members to pay HK$288 per month to suspend their memberships. Many members feel that they are putting their health at risk by attending yoga/gym classes under this situation and wish to temporarily suspend their memberships, but Pure failed to offer any flexibility and insisted that the $288 per month must be paid, even when the reason of suspension is out of members' control.

    Many of us have emailed them expressing our concerns, but all we got was a big "NO" on the possibility of a suspension fee waiver. This leaves us no other options but to either 1) continue attending classes with over 30+ students in a confined room and risking our health, or 2) pay the $288 per month to suspend our memberships.

    While they did not violate any local law or regulations, we feel that Pure is not acting socially responsible, especially as a company that emphasises health and wellbeing. We demand that Pure offers their members suspension fee waiver as an option and as a measure to help reduce the possibility of spread of coronavirus. We want them to act NOW before it's too late.


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