top ophthalmologist, ICL

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    top ophthalmologist, ICL


    I am looking for a 2nd opinion from a good eye doc. I recently started noticing a blindspot in corner for one eye.
    I rushed to a private ophthalmologist recommended by a friend. My eyes had 5 tests done...even a MRI...cost a lot of money out of my own pocket.

    But the doc couldnt find anything wrong that could cause the blindspot. But doc did see my ICL had moved out of position slightly.
    ICL is an lense implant to correct my -9.0 myopia...sort of like a permanent contact lens. I had it done few years ago. The doc also saw what might be early signs of catarack ( but this dont cause blindspot).

    The doc recommend the ICLs be removed. The doc is not a fan of this type of surgery.

    I want a second opinion on my eyes. I want to find the best doc. I am scare the blindspot will get larger or I go blind, if I dont find the cause.

    Can anyone tell me how to find top eye doc in HK?


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    Try in both TST and CWB and other associates