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Lasik in Hong Kong

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    Sure! It was about 70k for both eyes with everything included. No overnight stay. Unfortunately I don't know all my sister's eye problems (my family generally don't even like sharing any bad news related to health/medical to each other till it's too late). But I know she was heavily short-sighted, and she would get blurry vision when she worn contacts. So was recommended to get lasik.
    So the 70k might also include treating some other eye issues that I'm not aware of. Sorry I couldn't more helpful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elegiaque:
    Do you mind to share how much it cost? What were they fixing? Far-sightedness, astigmatism?
    What treatment are you interested in?

    The pricing for Lasik (and other standard treatments) are available on websites of most of the providers.

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    Cost me around 20K at the Sanitorium where they preselected a doctor for me. Went from .650/.500 to better than 20/20 vision. I think my doctor was Agnes, I liked her style, no frills, let's get it done attitude. Of course, results may vary.

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    It was around 23k for me, ten years ago at Sanatorium. Excellent investment.

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