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Dentist for post and core (post and crown) installation

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    Dentist for post and core (post and crown) installation

    Hi, all
    I have a severely broken tooth which require a serious restoration. I know that local dental clinics normally recommend full tooth removal following implant installation which is a very long and expensive procedure. I visited two already. But, in my home country, when I was there for a week, they recommend post and core treatment - much cheaper (~10 times), faster and, actually, saving the tooth for the next 10-15 years in average. The same conclusion I've got when I visited dentist on Philippine during my last vacation. I would make it there but again wasn't enough time (requires 2-3 weeks). Actually, I know that this procedure is very common in most countries but seems like not in HK. I know also it depends a lot on the doctor's experience, how professional he is in building a strong fundament for the crown installation.
    Does anyone have a good recommendation here in HK for this kind of treatments? Thanks!

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    Talking from experience, make sure the current situation doesn’t lead to a root canal infection. So get it fixed asap

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    Dr. Lawrence Luk
    2577 8865
    Causeway Bay

    Highly experienced. Not crazy expensive like Central dentists.

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    Hello all and HNY 2023!
    I have serious problems as well. Unfortunately my income is not good at these days, can anyone recommend a dentist with fair prices and easy payments (monthly)?
    Very appreciated to receive your help which is really needed.
    Thanks in advance and JOY to the world.